• Breathing and buzzing are the two most important things.

  • Sit balanced with your knees under your hips.

  • Breathe in with an "oh" shape.

  • Fill up with as much air as you can.

  • To make lips buzz: say "oh", then "oo," then squeeze the imaginary tube while blowing lots of air through the lips.

  • Things to watch out for:

    • Smile

    • Puffy cheeks

    • Air pockets

    • Lips over teeth


Working on that lung capacity...


NO BUZZ, JUST AIR: Put lips closer together, imagine squeezing the tube more firmly.

THIN, PINCHED SOUND: Lips are pinched too tightly together and/or you are not passing enough air through your lips. Loosen your grip on the imaginary tube and blow faster air.


STOPPED TONE, BUT BLOWING HARD: Your lips are completely pinched together. Relax your lips by fluttering them.


To get higher: grip the tube more firmly and blow faster


To get lower: relax your lips and
blow slower

F = open

Eb = 1

D = 1 2

C = 1 3

Bb = open


Changing between notes by just moving fingers or adjusting
embouchure = slurring


Starting the note with the
tongue = tonguing

Say the word "toe" 

Keep air flowing between
notes (no blowing spit wads)

Things to watch out for:



tongue coming past lips